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In this part of the ulmus.net website, I'll advertise those items of my published work that are so recent you can still buy new copies somewhere. Generally, that means they're too recent for the publishers to let me put them up on the web, so you won't find them (yet) in the Virtual Library. I won't be selling such items myself, but I'll suggest where you can find them. (Maybe your local library has them already, or can order them upon request.) In addition to listing their titles, I'll give you a brief description of each item, with sample quotations from some and a whole sample chapter from one.

The main item listed here is Uncovering Lives, my magnum opus about psychobiography. But I also have chapters or entries in several currently-in-print books edited by other people, including the following:

Soon you can click on the 'Chapters in Edited Books' link below to view information on each of these items.

One of my latest items in a scholarly journal is: "The Psychologist Who Empathized with Rats: James Tiptree, Jr. as Alice B. Sheldon, PhD," in Science Fiction Studies, March 2004, vol. 31, pp. 81-96. The article begins:

"We all know by now that James Tiptree, Jr., the sf writer who could fire off a masculine metaphor with the best of the boys, was in reality Alice Bradley Sheldon. When Tiptree's real name was revealed after a decade of disguise, the sf world was fascinated to hear of her far-ranging childhood travels with her explorer parents, her early career as a professional artist, her World War II and Cold War service in military intelligence and the CIA. It also became known that Sheldon had earned a PhD in Psychology in midlife. But as the Tiptree legend grew, the PhD was seldom treated as more than a filler between her CIA work and her sf writing debut. . . . To Alice Sheldon, however, her identity as an experimental psychologist was neither accidental nor incidental. She expressed a passion for psychological research that was far more intense than anything she said about her art or her CIA assignments. In various interviews and essays she repeated much the same words: '[B]ecoming a genuine research psychologist - PhD, 1967 - brought me the greatest genuine thrill of my life.'"

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