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Anyone who's interested in pursuing a career in psychobiography, whether as a college professor or as an "independent scholar," should first take a look at the Handbook of Psychobiography, edited by William Todd Schultz and published in 2005 by Oxford University Press. Then take another look at Todd Schultz's web page, http://www.psychobiography.com. If you're still interested in psychobiography as a career, get in touch with Todd or me for further advice and encouragement -- or discouragement. I have never encouraged anyone to aim for an academic career primarily in psychobiography, since very few psychology departments look for faculty with expertise in that area. But if you're really passionate about becoming a psychobiographer, we can give you some sense of career paths that might enable you to practice this worthy profession at least part-time. I no longer accept graduate students to work with me, since I have officially retired from my academic position, but perhaps I (or Todd) can suggest faculty members on other campuses who can help you prepare for such a career.

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