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My Life in Three Paragraphs

Born in Texas. Moved to Arkansas.
Moved a lot. Found paradise in San
Diego. Lost it back in Ark., where Pa
tried farming one more time. His son the fan
dreamed s-f dreams of saving universe
plus being famous writer. Dreamed more than wrote.
Discovered Elvis, sex, and modern verse.
Ran rats, read Freud. Last prayer, first love, first vote.

Grad school marriage. Taught in parts unknown.
Two daughters. Back to CA paradise.
Found few angels, no gold streets. But nice.
Started studying lives while living own.

Still living, teaching, searching out lives' themes.
Still loving, writing, dreaming s-f dreams.

                                                                   Alan C. Elms

Written in 1986; first published here in 2000.

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